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Spring is Here!

Spring is here! There are so many fun spring themed activities, such as growing flowers, paining pictures, and my personal favorite TEA PARTIES!

There are so many components to creating a tea party which makes it such a fun activity to work on language!

This Tea Party is actually pretty easy to replicate even if you don't have these exact items.



Plates/bowls: (I only had bowls :)

Food coloring


Blender: (optional) (I just LOVE this play blender that actually works!)

There are so many goals that can be worked on when putting together a Tea Party since there are so many steps. First you need to gather the materials, set up the table, make the cupcakes, make the tea, and lastly enjoy the party!

Potential goals:

Sequencing: First, next last

Verbs: Pour, make, blow

Articulation: Final consonant, /k/

Requesting: I want, I need

Expressive vocabulary

Receptive vocabulary

Making the tea is my favorite part. Everyone can choose their "flavor" by adding different colors into the water and take turns using the blender!

Spring is such as fun time of the year and there are endless activities that are fun for kids while still being able to work on goals!

Happy Spring!

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