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I Have Been Selected!! :)

Yes! I am going to Duquesne University, Pennsylvania, this summer, to participate in one of the most intensive and advanced training in Childhood Apraxia of Speech!

It is organized by the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA). On their website, the training is described like this:

"It is intended to provide North American-based speech-language pathologists, who already have significant experience with CAS, an opportunity to become “master” clinicians who can then serve as local/regional experts and potential mentors for other clinicians."

Wow, I am so honored and excited to be attending this training. I am hoping to come back with knowledge and experience that will allow me to support the children in my county as well as other speech language pathologists.

For more information about this training and/or Childhood Apraxia of Speech, visit the CASANA website.

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