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Speech Point is a highly specialized practice. We have developed an expertise in treating some medical diagnosis and disorders, which allow us to provide cutting edge services for those children. 



We offer highly specialized therapy to children with Autism. All of our staff is dually trained in both speech and ABA techniques. Our interventions integrate the principles from both domains to achieve significant speech and language outcomes.

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Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor planning disorder that can be difficult to treat. The owner of Speech Point is a graduate of Apraxia Kids bootcamp and has advanced knowledge in the evaluation and treatment of that disorder. 


AAC ​​

Many kids who are not able to speak can learn to use an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device (AAC). At Speech Point, we can help your child become a proficient user of his AAC device. 


Challenging Behaviors

Challenging behaviors happen. Hitting, scratching, biting, or spiting can all occur when a child does not have enough words to communicate. At Speech Point, we can help decrease those problem behaviors by improving your child's communication skills.  

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 Price list

Initial Consultation

Speech-Language Therapy, 30 minutes

Speech-Language Therapy, 45 minutes

Speech-LanguageTherapy, 60 minutes 

Speech-Language Therapy, In Home, 60 minutes






Evaluations: Speech Point provides specialized evaluations to determine strength and weaknesses in specific areas of speech and/or language. This can include: 

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Language skills in Autism

  • Pragmatic Language Skills

  • and more

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