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Love Bug

I just love when there are holidays coming up, because that means we get to make crafts! Valentine’s day is a fun, easy theme that you can use in speech therapy.

Crafts are a preferred activity and super fun for kids. It gives them a chance to work on goals in a natural hands-on setting.

If you’re like me, you already have a huge craft stash of all these items all set and ready to go. Here are some instructions on how to make these Love Bugs


Paper- Red, pink, black


Googly Eyes (Can also draw on eyes)

Black Marker

First start off by cutting your hears, and legs out

Next glue the hearts together, alternating between red and pink.

Glue on the feet, and don't and extra pair for the antlers!

You can customize your Love Bug how you want! Glitter, stamps, different colored paper, silly faces.

This is such a cute craft, enjoy!

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