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Sensory Bins!

I am a HUGE fan of hands on activities. Sensory bins are one of my favorite activities to incorporate in my therapy sessions. They are super easy to make, and can be used in SO many different ways. They are also great for increasing engagement and interaction with your kids. So what is a sensory bin?

Sensory bin: The simplest definition, it is a tactile experience, involving the sense of touch, in a box! For many children with autism, this can be a very calming activity for them and often a preferred one.

Things you will need:

A bin:

This can be any type of enclosed box, show box, storage box, a bin with a lid


Rice, sand, beans

Items to bury:

Food, animals, themed items, transportation

Something to dig with: Shovel, cups, fork, spoon, rake

Once you have a sensory bin set up, you can change its contents to accommodate your clients goals.

Example goals to incorporate:

Vocabulary: scooping, dump, dig, hiding.

You can add groups of items such as animals, food, and transportation to practice labeling and expanding vocabulary.

Articulation: If you. are working on /l/ in initial position add items that include that sound( lollipop, lizard, lamp, lion, leaf. The contents can be changed based on the goals

Play Skills: Great for social play, using eye contact to request, pointing to items, and imitating gross motor skills.

Sensory bins have so many uses and are extremely easy to make! Can't wait to make a Valentines Day themed box!

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