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Core Word of the Week

This weeks core word is GO. This is an important and powerful word that can be used in many situations, topics, and environments.

One of the most influential ways parents can encourage communication is through natural consequences. Today we will discuss different ways that parents can use this core word in their day to day activities.

After we introduce a new core word in speech therapy, your child needs repeated exposure to the target word throughout their day. As speech therapist we are with you child for a short amount of time in their long week, and are limited to opportunities. As parents you need to take advantage of the natural opportunities that will occur to use these core words.

Modeling GO

Lets say your child is knocking on the front door and looking at you, or grabbing your hand to help open the front door because they want to go outside.

Rule of 3:

Use the target word at least 3 times.

"It looks like you want to go outside"

"Should we go outside?"

"Okay lets open the door and go outside."

This way you child has repeatedly heard the target word GO in the correct context and there was a natural consequence of gaining access to what they wanted, which was getting to go outside.

Another great natural opportunity is when your child has to use the bathroom. They may grab your hand and take you to the potty, or do their potty dance (they all have one!)

Rule of 3:

Use the target word at least 3 times.

"Do you need to go potty?"

"Let's go potty."

"Okay go potty."

Here is a chart I made that was adapted from Jenna Rayburn's "AAC Core Word of the Week" Set 1 series. It is a list of setting, activities, and daily routines where parents can emphasize the target word GO.

Clients will learn this core word quickly when it is being used in a variety of different environments ( therapy room, home, school, playground, community), so take advantage of the natural opportunities that come up!

For more information on Jenna Rayburn's "AAC Core Word of the Week" Set 1 you can visit her website:

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