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Books Books and more Books!

Books are one of the most common items seen in any speech therapy room and household. Here are 4 reasons why you should be using books in your treatments.

1. Address wide range of goals:

Books can be used to address goals for children of all ages and skill levels. Here are a few examples: articulation, sequencing of activities, comprehension, social, and discourse skills.

-Here are 2 great books that can be used for sequencing daily events in a child's life, bedtime and bath time.

2. Language Rich:

Books are full of rich vocabulary! This could include parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, concepts, big/small, dirty/clean, full/empty, greetings, hi/bye, negations, don't, not, and themes, such as holidays and seasons. Reading these books and labeling items seen on the pages can expand your clients vocabulary.

3. Social communication:

Books can be used along with songs to engage your client in initiating communication, eye contact and commenting.

Ex. Reading a bus book paired with singing "wheels on the bus." Client pointing to the door when singing "the doors on the bus go up and down". Looks at therapist when singing stops to signal more singing, or use of words/signs to request more.

4. Easily accessible

Books are such versatile therapy tools and can be used with little to no planing. This makes them easy for parents to duplicate at home as well! Families often have so many toys in their home, pairing it with a book to expand language is a great activity to send home for homework!

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