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Autism Awareness

Why is autism awareness so important?

Simply put, the more people know and understand what autism is, how individuals with autism think, process and learn, the more understanding and accepting they will be when they see an individual with autism in their community. Big brands and companies partnering with organizations to promote inclusiveness helps with the widespread of awareness!

The Autism Society is a national organization that increases public awareness of autism and supports the experiences of families and individuals living with autism. They are partnered up with AMC theaters to provide sensory friendly films and give families an opportunities to watch new movies in sensory friendly auditoriums. They make special accommodations such as turning the lights on and turning the volume of the movie down. Members of the audience are free to walk the isles, shout, sing, talk, and dance whenever necessary!

These sensory friendly movies are available to families on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. Check out their website to find theaters near you!

Another widely known name that is promoting inclusiveness for individuals with disabilities is Target. They are now offering new collections of clothing that accommodate the unique needs of people with disabilities. They offer everything from shirts, jackets, pants and pajamas made with individuals who have unique needs in mind. Their accommodations include zip-off sleeves, side/back zip and snap closures, flat seams, clothing free from tags, and even cloths that include extra room for diapers or other modifications.

For now, Target only offers children's sizes . Check out their website for more information!


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