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Thanksgiving turkey craft!

We just LOVE when the holidays come around, because it means we get to make crafts!

Crafts are simple, can be adapted for different skill levels, work on multiple goals, and most importantly are FUN!

My favorite type of crafts are ones that are simple and quick to prep, and can be made from materials we already have in the therapy room.

Here is a fun Thanksgiving craft that will get the kids excited to work on their goals!

Turkey Crowns

Materials needed for each crown:

2 brown strips of paper 12" long (this is the band that goes around the head and will need to be glues or staples together)

4 feathers (I used orange and red, you can choose any color)

15 squares to decorate the band (again you can use any color you like)

1 brown circle for the turkey's head

1 orange triangle (turkey's nose)

Black marker to make the eyes ( you can also use googly eyes!)

Glitter or any other fun decor to personalize the Turkey Crowns!



Turkey Crown Prep

The preparations for 3 turkey crowns took me about 15 min once I had all my materials laid out. Once I have everything cut out, I like to organize all the pieces in ziplock bags to make it easier when making the craft with a client. This way I don't have to search for a small orange nose, or wonder where my brown circles went. Staying organized means I can focus on my client, their goals, and providing effective therapy, while having fun!

Depending on the skill level of your client, they can assemble all the parts of the turkey crown with ease.

Here are some sample goals that you can focus on during this activity:

1. Requesting- "more" "want" "have"

2. Labeling: colors, facial feathers, body parts

3. Vocabulary: Thanksgiving themed vocabulary ( turkey, leaves, cornucopia, acorn, pie, thankful, crown)

4. Sequencing: First, next, last

5. Using personal pronouns: "I want" "I take" "cant I have"

6. Verbs: Make, glue, put, wear

7. Social emotional goals: eye contact waiting turn, initiating

The final product is great, they can wear their craft home and show their work to their family.

Don't forget to make one for yourself to wear!

Happy Thanksgiving


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